Why we have to be so selective with our approach to the Mini Monster?

  1. Health and safety has evidently grown exponentially over the last few years and with the environment we operate in with surf lifesaving, there is potential of risk or harm. The Mini Monster follows a simple plan to include as many athletes we can. Our health and safety is based off a surf lifesaving event, surf teams. The maximum number of people you can have on a start line is 48 athletes for the surf teams event, hence the swim is first. This coheres to the liability insurance we operate under. To have more than 48 people on the start line would put us at a risk that insurance would not be able to cover us if there were to be a problem. Could you imagine more then 50 under 14 year olds trying to swim at the same time? To overcome this obstacle, we have thought about the possibility of running heats for the under 14 Mini Monster. We have no ruled this out of the equation but could you imagine trying to run heats 40+ minute heats for the Mini Monster. Yes, this could be achieved the day before (Friday) but then athletes worry about also backing up to race junior ERC's on the Sunday. By hand selecting the top 48 we eliminate this process, hence why the top three finishers of the diamond automatically qualified for the event. For the remaining 36 spots in the Mini Monster (if all place getters accept their invitation) we are looking at possible application process or similar. This has not yet been finalised.
  2. The schedule is currently set in stone for the Mount Monster Festival, with the Mount Monster as the main event. We pride ourselves on starting on time, when we advertise. The Mount Monster will always start at 1000. This takes into consideration air temperature, wind, setup time and finish times. 
  3. If the Mini Monster is selective and some athletes want to race in the Mini Monster but can't, it gives them an incentive to train and race hard the prior season to be able to automatically qualify. If they do not automatically qualify, they will have great results from the season and be able to apply through the application process. This also helps raise the level of competition throughout all under 14 events within surf lifesaving.

The distances are not yet decided due to the Mini Monster course being completed much quicker then anticipated last year. We are aiming to have the course set at 4-6km, with a time frame of 40-50 minutes for the fastest competitor. The racing will be high intensity endurance racing for the athletes