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The year of 2018 saw yet another sensational battle at the top and another two new champions in the Mount Monster.

Miller had stepped on the line to defend his title but was unlucky to get there with young star Declan Dempester paddling away to victory, while Ella Kingi dominated the womens field.

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2017 was the year a local claimed the glory in the male race with Hamish Miller claiming the win. More impressively, Miller, an under 19 athlete fought off rivals Ollie Puddick and Declan Dempester. Meanwhile, surfski world champion Rachel Clarke claimed her first Mount monster title after possibly the most exceptional ski paddle we have ever seen by a female athlete at the monster.

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In 2016 we saw the race pace lifted as Midways Cory Taylor battled it out alongside club mates Luke Cuff and James Lacey from Mermaid Beach.  Sharing the lead and pushing themselves through the pain barriers,  it wasn't until the last turn to the beach on the board when tactics and strategy saw Cuff break away to claim the glory. In the females race, we saw Danielle McKenzie from Mairangi Bay come back in vengeance to claim her second Mount Monster title and the top position on the podium.

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Your never out of the race until the race is over. After a gruelling ski leg, cramp kicked in for Ben Cochrane as he tried to transition off the ski and into the board. That gave Mason Bryant a chance to take the lead before cramp caught him. Ben Cochrane bounced back from falling in transition to claim his first title of the Mount Monster. Meanwhile, the females race was dominated. Piha's Kirsty Wannan used her experience and lead from start to finish to claim her second ever Mount Monster title and became the first person in Mount Monster history to claim the elusive second title. 

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2014 we saw the most exhilarating and jaw dropping finish when fellow New Zealand Ironman champion Max Beattie and Cory Taylor sprinted up the beach for the title. Although Taylor had the better start, it was Beattie who pipped him at the line to claim his first Mount Monster Title. However, after crossing the line the news broke, a 5 minute penalty for not following the correct course saw Matt Scott, an under 19 get the first finisher glory. Over in the females race, Kirsty Wannan showed the Mount Monster girls how to win, claiming her first Mount Monster title in fanatic style.

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The scene was set for the inaugural Mount Monster to take place. The sun was shining and the competition was hot. Cory Taylor showed his strength and power to break away from elite rival of Max Beattie and Jackson Maynard to claim the inaugural honors. Simultaneously, Danielle Mckenzie showed her class to take the honors in the female race. An action backed event that showed plenty of interest and signs of things to come for lifeguards within New Zealand.   

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