Mini Monster

Saturday 15th December


After a successful debut in 2017, the Mini Monster has confirmed it's spot in the Mount Monster schedule for the foreseeable future.

The Mini Monster is an opportunity for aspiring Under 14 athletes to take on a new endurance challenge on Mount Maunganui's Main Beach. The race will consists of 48 under 14 athletes that will be invited to compete in the event.

The Mini Monster will start at 0800 on Saturday 15 December.

The Mini Monster consists of:



With a running start into the swim, athletes swim a reverse "M shaped" course hitting the beach twice before transitioning onto the board leg.



The board component will test the athletes after the big run and swim. Athletes will have to negotiate a "M shaped" course through the surf testing their true skill and fitness.


Run Finish

The final run finish will be completely on soft sand and athletes will feel the burn as they make the final dash for the finish line where the champions will be crowned!

National Achievement:

In recognition of National achievement in the 2017/2018 season, the top three place getters in the Ocean Athletes Under 12 and Under 13 DIAMOND race, female and male, will receive automatic qualification invitations to compete in the 2018 Mini Monster. .

Automatic qualifiers for the 2018 Mini Monster: (considering all accept their inviations)

Under 12 Diamond Race

Winner: Sophie Petro (Midway) and Jamie Julian (Whakatane).

Runner Up: Jodiesha Kirkpatrick (MIdway) and Kailen Brackebush (Orewa)

Third Place: Lena Hamblyn-Ough (Mairangi Bay) and Daniel Callebaut (Fitzroy)

Under 13 Diamond Race

Winner: Zoe Crawford (Mairangi Bay) and Nathaniel Allen (Whangamata)

Runner Up: Pippa Nicol (Lyall Bay) and Matthew Robinson (Whangamata)

Third Place: Lara Marsh (Waikuku) and Mitchell Bark-Riki (Mount Maunganui)


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